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Feather Plucking Machines

Yayınlanan Plucking Machines

krom yolma makinasi modelleriMeltem Defeathering Machines are the most basic equipment for chicken, duck, goose, turkey and quail breeders both in commercial and in hobby facilities.

Our water-type defeathering machines havesuch fast plucking system thatthey can process thousands of poultry daily. A defeathering machine cannot process all species of poultry; this false perception. Quail and partridge defeathering machine is different than others. Defeathering machines exhibit difference for chickens depends especially on their raising environment;that is whether they are chickens freely hang around on the earth under the sun or the one held for feed in closed environment under control which sent to slaughtering when they are aged 1.5 - 2 months. Moreover, diameter size of cauldrons in defeathering machines for turkey, duck, andgoose must be in certain width.

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Whereas cauldrons of chicken defeathering machines are required to be minimum 50 cm,cauldrons of duck, turkey and goose defeathering machines are requred to beminimum70 cm. Smaller machines do not perform 100% efficiency in chicken defeathering process. Accordingly operation period extends and this result in damage on skin and bones. If cauldron of turkey, duck and goose defeathering machine is not large enough, plucking process will not be fully efficient because there would not be well-functional rotation.

Except quail defeathering machine, our all other models are capable of chicken defeathering. Daily capacity of our models ranges between 300 to 2000 chickens;and 500 turkeys and gooses.

meltem makina isyeri

In general, our all models are structured in two different ways for chickens.Bodies and skins of broilers which are raised in isolated farm environment for 45-day period are sensitive and their joints are weak. For this specie of chickens, we have introduced KKT-series models which complete defeathering process in such a short period like 10 seconds without giving any harm. Since free-range chickens characterized outside of the ones kept in isolated farms, free-range chickens, layer hen, mother hen, or roosters are ranging on earth under the sun, their skin, bone, joint and bottom feathers are strong. For this type of chicken and rooster species, we introduce KT-type machines in various dimensions, which are capable of completing defeathering process in 15 seconds.

Moreover, if farmer breeds both broiler and free-rangechicken species, we are offering special all-in-one solutions for defeathering process. 

As it was mentioned before, if diameters of cauldrons of turkey, duck and goose defeathering machinesare small, they should not be processed in all sorts of chicken defeatheringmachine.For turkey, duck and gooses, our machines with cauldron diametersof 63 cm (partly), 75 cmand 80 cmensure full defeathering efficiency.For turkeys whose weight does not exceed 10 kg,if there is limited slaughtering activity, we can suggest the machine with 63 cmdiameter. Of course, the most appropriate diameter sizes of cauldron for turkeys are 75 and 80 cm. Turkeys can be processed at once up to 25 kg in these type of machines within 10 seconds with full efficiency. 

makina saseleri

Even weights of ducks and gooses are not at considerable levels, because of length of their necks and legs, velvety, short and soft texture of their feathers, which are essential characteristics of their body, machineries with wide-cauldron are necessary for defeathering process. Since we are manufacturing water-type defeathering machines, it is necessary to water slaughtered poultry at certain temperature before placing them into the defeathering machine. There is couple of tricks at watering process to perform 100% efficient successful defeathering process without damaging integrity of animals. Especially, gooseand ducks are required to be watered before defeathering, which differs from watering process necessitated by other poultry in terms of method and time. Please check out the watering instructions in the goose defeathering page. 

As our company has gained substantial experience in defeathering process for poultry, we have introduced various defeathering machines for different poultry species. In general we manufacture our machineries with stainless-steel material, we also offeraffordable machineries made up of galvanized metal for low-capacity breeders.

Since machineries contact with water during defeathering operation, electric switch and installment used in motor section are fully insulated and secured to prevent any danger or accident.

Our customer surveys conducted for Meltem Defeathering Machineries sold all over Turkey in the after sale period proudly indicate that they are satisfied with our machineries and they suggest our equipment to colleagues. All of our machineries are full warranty for 1 year against any failure or breakdown. Breakdown rate within warranty period is less than 1% so far.

makina yolma kazanlariA mistaken perception in public about defeathering process of poultry is that they are indulged in boiling water before defeathering process in these machines. Dipping in boiling water is physiologically damaging action to meat and complicates defeathering process because it melts animals’ skin fat and greases feathers, which prevents successful plucking operation. Of course, bottom of feathers are required to be wet with hot water before defeathering process. However, temperature of the hot water should not absolutely exceed 65 Celsius degree. Only gooses can be applied 70 Celsius degree bathing. In general, we suggest watering process to be implemented in clean hot waterwith 55-65 Celsius degree. As long as there is no issue with defeathering process, water temperature can be decreased from 65 to 55 Celsius degree.

Water-type Meltem Defeathering Machinesexhibit great difference from dry-type defeathering machines. In dry-type defeathering machines, poultries are plucked one by one and each process takes 3-4 minutes. However, 100% efficiency cannot be achieved. On the other hand, our water-type defeathering machines, 3 to 15 chickens can be taken in the process at once; and this process can be completed within only 10-15 seconds. Farmer and breeder community, people who deal with poultry with hobby or commercial purposes are in need for necessary systematic mechanization to facilitate their operations, shorten activity time and increase efficiency in general. Poultry breeders are aware of the fact that the most difficult and time-consuming part of this business is defeathering process. As Meltem Machinery Company, we are proud of satisfaction and comfort felt by our customers, who use various Meltem Defeathering Machines in their chicken, turkey, goose, quail and duck breeding facilities, from almost all cities in Turkey and from 15 different countries around the world.

Please contact us at +90(541)741-3936 for your further inquiries regarding chicken, quail, partridge, duck, goose,turkey and pheasant defeathering machines.

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